Dermatological Department - Doctor of Medicine, Professor
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    • Dermatology Department - Doctor of Medicine, Professor
  • Personal information
      • Date of birth: 01 August 1961
    • University: Tbilisi State Medical University Faculty of Medicine
  • Schedule
    • Mon -Fri: 09: 00-16.30

Occupation: Dermatology
Scientific Degree: Doctor of medicine, Full Professor
Work place: LLC “S/R Dermatology and Venereology National Center”

Small description:

Doctor of Medicine, Professor
Department: Department of Dermatology

Full Text About Doctor:

The doctor has 30 years of experience.
Member of European Dermatology and Venereal Association (EADV), member of Board of Society of Hair Research Society, Member of Georgian Association of Feralists Association, Member of International Teledrology Association (ISTED), Member of Georgian Association of Dermatoventures Association (GADV);
Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy, Professor of Dermatology-Venereology Chair, Georgian D. Builder’s Office University Associate Professor, University of Georgia – Invited Specialist
She has participated in sixty international conferences, two international research researchers, member of the board of the Georgian Hair Research Society. 10 scientific writers and co-authors.
Has the ability to diplomacy, use the authority of colleagues .
Conferences and Seminars:
Has attended up to 30 Conferences and Seminars as a speaker and a attendant.
Has published 9 Scientific Works.